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It's been quiet here this past few months, but I'm still kicking!

If you're wondering - or even if you're not wondering, I've been busy travelling to the far flung corners of the world.

It's sure been an interesting year and since mid November and I'm rounding it off with more travels - this time I'm in Alicante, Spain escaping the British winter, seeing old friends over Christmas and trolling the beaches with my metal detector.

That's all for now however, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a gloriously successful 2015.

What did I do there?

There are many reasons people go to Ecuador, tourism, visiting relatives, business or retirement. However, I went there looking for answers to life, the universe and everything. Which through taking part in ceremonies and partaking of what the Shamans call the "Medicine", I was able to regain some clarity of thought and the world around me. Not something I would recommend lightly as it can indeed be an uncomfortable process.

When I was done with that, I managed to team up with a German guy "Eric", married to an Ecuadorian and his children. Together, we went on some some wild adventures in the Amazon and beaches of Ecuador. What a blast.

I didn't stay continuously in Ecuador for 3 years however, I'd made multiple trips there to observe Visa time limits etc. One of those times I returned to Ecuador, I took along my trusty GPX5000 metal detector - the king of metal detectors (at the time) developed specially for gold detection. Eric and I, often went looking for Gold and were doing a little prospecting here and there all around Ecuador. Much research was done to locate deposits, as well as research the history of the Conquistadors and the gold laden ships sinking off the west coast from far south as Peru up to Panama and Mexico.

Nothing is ever easy in prospecting for gold and my detector was not completely successful for most of the time. Why?
My detector works on the principal of pulsed electromagnetic fields and listens to the back e.m.f. signature and it's collapse to determine the characteristics of the metal it's listening to. If you're not knowledgeable in electromagnetism, then think of it in Echo location and Sonar terms on a ship or submarine where you hear the "Ping" being emitted and you wait for the echo reflected back. It's not exactly the same but that's a close enough analogy.

So, if you know anything about where gold is found, you will know that you are going to have a hard time finding it because it lives with other metals and is commonly found in quartz and Iron rich areas. Which poses somewhat of a dilemma in Ecuador, because there are so many rocks and mineral rich soils that it makes it virtually impossible to determine what is under your feet. Iron tends to give a significant signature back to the detector that it effectively drowns out the more subtle signatures given off by gold, silver and platinum. This type of mineralisation is found all over Ecuador and made it virtually impossible to use the detector. So it was back to pans and a sluice. On the Ecuadorian beaches, my detector became a very good and expensive ring-pull and bottle-top finder. But keep digging and you will hit lucky in some of those holes and we did have a modicum of success on the beaches.

To be continued..

Image This last week has seen me busy setting up Linux hosting services on my own root server and helping out a friend for a good cause, by registering and providing hosting, technical support, guidance and assistance for web-site set-ups etc.

Common Law Courts Central, for people wanting to take back their sovereign rights and power. Go check them out, support their cause and please make a donation. The website is still in development, but they'll get there.

I wish them every success in their endeavours.

Why did I go there?

Hmmm, thats a hard one to answer, but to cut it short, I went on a Spiritual Adventure, more or less to find me, myself and I.
Kinda like having a mid-life crisis and getting yourself some answers. And boy, I was not disappointed. So now I'm back, with my head straight and once again loaded with enthusiasm and hungry for work.

Whilst I was there I did manage to get a few photos for my album I can share with you below.

Well, it's a grand old house that shows the opulence of the fruits of being the local doctor in days of old. I think this house is around only 50 years old.
The Shamans Grand House
(pictured with my Guide and to the left the cook-house, where the strange Ayahuasca brew was made.

View from the house to the garden.

View from my hut I was living in on the Shamans property - for free !

Bless it, 
(with a large carving knife after cooking for 2 hours in the oven!)
Here is a photo of my dear departed Alarm Clock.
Bless him (with a long carving knife - after being cooked for two hours in an oven). Tasty.
Well, it took quite some getting used to for a city slicker like me, used to just aircraft flying over to Gatwick. Crowing pretty much from 3am onwards and on the half hour before that. Since sound travels far in the Jungle, you can hear the calls of others responding from afar - lovely. If you go yourself, take earplugs - lol.


Welcome to my first Blog Post and I'm really excited to get back on-line again after my spiritual journey in the Amazon.

Many things are happening in the background regarding work and opportunities and this summer has seen a proliferation of interest in my skills. Makes me wonder if the economy is picking up. Either this or, as the late Bob Chapman put it - it's just a dead cat bounce. We'll see, though my bets are on the departed Mr Chapman being spot on.

That's it for now - short and sweet. More later.

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